Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sushi for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is most often associated with turkey, however I spent my Thanksgiving indulging in all you can eat sushi. Rather than making a mess at home, I went to a buffet at a rather nice hotel with a buffet, and while there were a plethora of choices, All I could really focus on was the sushi. From salmon sashimi to escolar (often called "super white tuna," even though it has nothing to do with the tuna species) I gorged on sushi most of the afternoon.

Mamosas and and bowl of ikura topped off the afternoon, and while I wasn't sure how the dinner would progress, progress it did. A rest composed of conversation and laughter, and then back to the sushi bar we went. My son, an avid sushi fan, piled his plate high with salmon sashimi and nori maki, while I stuck to nigiri sushi and sashimi, and a few different styles of tuna. Unfortunately there was no toro to be found, but that's to be expected at a buffet. The good stuff doesn't come out unless the wallet opens wide, and at a prix fixe meal, you can be sure to find only the basics.

The sushi was pretty good, and it was a very pleasant thanksgiving, even without the traditional turkey. It may be something that we will do again next year. No clean up, no hassle, and good food with good people. We can still give thanks with a plateful of sushi as well as we can with the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes.

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